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     "David Anthony Martin is a voice of the spirit, a voice of the land. He has the rare quality of deepening the life experience through his poems. His poems are earth songs. His poems are Zen anecdotes. His poems are transcendent pictures. One is moved by the power of his language. Martin combines a nature mysticism with a marvelous storytelling. To read his poems is to take a rare journey into the heart of America. The journey is mesmerizing."


            Tony Moffeit, winner of the prestigious Jack Kerouac Award and the Thomas Hornsby Ferril Poetry Prize and author of Pueblo Blues (Cherry Valley), Luminous Animal (Cherry Valley), Neon Peppers (Cherry Valley), Poetry is Dangerous, the Poet is an Outlaw (Floating Island Press, 1995) and Tony Moffeit: Greatest Hits (Pudding House,2004).





     "In his most recent book of poems 'Deepening the Map' David Anthony Martin brings ones senses as close to nature as can be done with words. As I was reading it brought me back to my own moments with nature but this time having them woven with words and articulated with expert care.   Each poem is a reminder of our connection with nature and our disconnect from now as we are gently pulled back to their intersection. Again, Martins attention to the things most of us look over in our daily lives shows that there is really never 'nothing' going on."


               ~ Tim Sparks, Filmmaker, Deep Field Cinema




     "I don’t like poetry. Or so I thought before reading David Martin’s prose. Deepening the Map is a collection that eloquently takes the reader from mountain peaks, to the depths of canyons, the limitlessness of open fields, but ultimately awakens our humanity. And the threats our humanity has on nature. He balances the seemingly simple, but powerful and thought provoking “h ear t” with the undeniable, urgent romanticism of “vessels”. This is a collection of work that will leave beautiful sketches in the mind while etching compassion in the heart of the reader."


                                 ~ Marie Loerzel, author of Rock the Kasbah:
                                     A Memoir of Misadventure




     "Deepening the map takes the reader on one man's quest to find beauty and truth in everything from the mundane, the simplistic, the grotesque, but most significantly the human condition-specifically our own. Echoes of a Kerouacian odyssey resonate in each verse reminding the reader where humanity prevailed and where humanity lost, contemplating suggestive undertones of what might transpire spiritually in us as individuals in a post-war society. Martin brings layers of continuity that demand to be unpacked slowly and with great attentive pause."


               ~ Theia Bravo, writer




     "I love this book! I've read it cover to cover several times. I keep it beside my bed where I often open it to any page and read that page before falling asleep. "Deepening the Map" is what I call Earthy/Spiritual - one cannot be separated from the other. David Martin's words bring Nature alive, I can feel and smell the Earth and all its wonders. Yet also woven within his words, the "Other World" whispers... "Remember who you are.'  "


               ~ Chloe Patton, reader




     "A very special book. Like one long love letter."


               ~ Mike Parker, author of Don’t Fall Off The MountainWallflower Sutra and Walking On Water In A Razorblade Breeze




Deepening The Map

by David Anthony Martin


ISBN-10: 149913533

ISBN-13: 978-1499135336



Paperback, 132 pp.

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