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EcoCo Books is an imprint of Middle Creek Publishing with a focus on Colorado its ecology & culture. EcoCo seeks to celebrate the Colorado experience or lifestyle, whether that life is wild or domestic or somewhere in between. We are excited about stories that simply occur in Colorado as much as we are about place-based narratives, regional field or outdoor guides, outdoor pursuits, adventure writing, or poetry.


EcoCo books are a Colorado venture from top to bottom as far as author, illustrator/artist and publisher. Books with the EcoCo logo are books that are written by Colorado writers, published by Middle Creek Publishing based in Colorado, and with cover art by Colorado artists. COlorado loves Colorado, and there is a lot of pride in this state about its diverse peoples, its colorful cultures and lifestyles (from outdoor sporting activities to craft brewing and craft horticulture), and its leadership in progressive politics and inclusivity grown it's multi-cultural, rural, urban, and mountain lifestyles, from which a living and ever-changing and unique grass-roots culture has emerged. We love Colorado.

Please send us an initial query letter about your manuscript

including the phrase ECOCO BOOK QUERY: in the subject line of the email, to:

We look forward to hearing about your manuscript and will get back to you in a timely

Although we are a small imprint of a small publishing company and will generally be practicing

slow-publishing, we anticipate the ability to respond quickly to your inquiries.


We thank you for your interest and for your work and for your patience.

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