EcoCo Books is presently open to submissions of quality literature (whether Fine or Gonzo). Currently we are seeking Fiction & Non-Fiction manuscripts that have a focus on Colorado with an emphasis on it's ecology & culture. Anything which celebrates the Colorado experience or lifestyle, whether that life is wild or domestic or somewhere in between. We are excited about stories that simply occur in Colorado as much as we are about place-based narratives or adventure writing.


We are open to Novels, Novellas, Short Stories and Short Story Collections, Poetry, Field Guides or other Academic offerings, Travel Writing, Outdoor Sports and Personal Pursuits such as biking, climbing, fourteenering, flyfishing etc. 

Please send us an initial query letter about your manuscript

including the phrase ECOCO BOOK QUERY: in the subject line of the email, to:

We look forward to hearing about your manuscript and will get back to you in a timely

Although we are a small imprint of a small publishing company and will generally be practicing

slow-publishing, we anticipate the ability to respond quickly to your inquiries.


We thank you for your interest and for your work and for your patience.