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La Banana!

by Ginna Pollock

Paperback, full color

pp. 36



La Banana! is a beautiful offering from Ginna Pollock. A picture book and early reader that teaches children (of all ages) a little bit of Spanish vocabulary using common items, cute images and a rhyming text. Language barriers can often separate us, but when we learn to speak to each other, we can make connections, make friends, and enjoy similar interests. Pollocks book helps bridge that gap with children, who are after all, the future citizenry of our diverse American communities and society. 

Middle Creek Publishing's first children's book offering will delight readers and listeners, and help start the connective work between cultures and children. It will help foster communication and friendship. What a delightful Human Ecology aspect we hope to expand on in the future.

Ginna Alejandra Pollock (b. 1979) Born in Bogota, Colombia. Ginna was influenced by the colorful world of her birthplace.  In Colombia, color is celebrated— adorning every street and market, and used, without excuse, in the country’s boId, traditional artwork. When she was nineteen, Ginna moved to San  Francisco to study Graphic Design at the Art Institutes International Ginna currently resides in Pueblo, Colorado.  The cultural tapestry of the southwest and the mountains inspires her to create heartfelt works that reflect her connection to the people and places around her. Ginna is a multidisciplinary artist working in mediums such as collage, mixed media, acrylic and traditional illustration.


Ginna lives with her husband and biggest cheerleader, her mom and her littlest 3 kids (out of 5.) Ginna also LOVES bananas.


Follow her on Instagram/ Facebook:  @lovegivesart

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