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Lessons from
Fighting The Black Snake

               at Standing Rock

by Nick Jaina & Leslie Orihel
photographs by Taylor Ross

ISBN-13: 978-0997420074 
ISBN-10: 0997420073 
BISAC: Nature / Environmental Conservation & Protection / General
Black & White on White paper
38 pages

$16.00  (100% of Profits go directly to Oceti Sakowin )

Choose to buy the book from the Purchase Options drop down menu below. There are also additional opportunities to increase your level of support by donation extra to Oceti Sakowin. If desired, indicate the Support Level of choice below.
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Lessons From Fighting The Black Snake at Standing Rock is a project conceived in collaboration with the authors and the press to produce a piece of artwork to raise awareness of the peaceful, prayer centered spirit of the Water Protectors standing up to The Black Snake. In a time when petroleum energy has become an outdated and dangerous practice whose cost, both financially and ecologically, we can no longer afford, this book celebrates the engagement, commitment, and will of the people to take a stand for clean energy as well as the social and environmental justice necessary to ensure a safe and healthy planet, nation and people. All profit from the sale of this book goes directly to the Oceti Sakowin  (Seven Council Fires). For more information about Oceti Sakowin or to make further donations or gifts of support, go to their website at:

Nick Jaina is a writer and musician living in Portland, Oregon. His memoir Get It While You Can was a finalist for the 2016 Oregon Book Award.  Find out more at

Leslie Orihel is a registered nurse living in Boulder, Colorado.
She is also a writer and illustrator.

Taylor Ross is a multimedia artist in Fairfield, Iowa. She recently designed and built a mobile winter solar/wind module for Standing Rock in collaboration with the community of Fairfield.
Find more about Taylor at:

Middle Creek Publishing & Audio is a small, independent press dedicated to publishing quality literature of Human Ecology; the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary study of the relationship between humans and their natural, social, and built environments. We believe that responding to the world through art and literature-and sharing that response-is a vital part of being an artist. 

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