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Broken Light in a Burning Wood is a smoldering collection of prose poems with all the heat and light of the experience of love and distress for our natural landscape, ecosystems and biosphere. Here we feel not only the rage of our younger generations growing up in the face of ecological collapse, but also the eco-grief indicative to the era of the anthropocene, as we witness the coming of the long-foretold, and long-warned about effects of climate change; decades of cumulative excessive neglect and extraction and mismanagement by the lack of wise leadership in preceding generations which have led directly to the devastating drought conditions in the Rocky Mountain West. Wildfire is something on the minds of eco-minded individuals living in the region each summer, summers and dry periods that are far exceeding their historical seasonality. Joseph’s burning poetry is both reflection on and a visceral response to the conditions and environment so many are living through in these times.

Broken Light in a Burning Wood

  • Now available as an audiobook via Amazon, Audible, or iTunes! Look for it there and leave a review on Good Reads, or any other platform you use!

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