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In June of 2022, Christine Morro spent time as Poet in Residence at Sweeney's Bothy on the Isle of Eigg, one of the Small Isles in the Scottish Inner Hebredes. Eigg has been owned by the Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust since 1997, as a community ownership; another stakeholder, the Scottish Wildlife Trust, manages the island as a nature reserve. 

This chapbook offering takes its inspiration from her walks from Sweeney's Bothy to Camus Sgiotaig, Singing Sands, Isle of Eigg. Christine weaves words of landscape, flora & fauna to encapsulate the experience, the eternal wisdom that  a place of such raw beauty can confer on the human psyche and spirit. A place where "The weight of grey born of the edge of the world" reminds us "we are all myths unfolding".


"In Morro's lines we follow a responsive plying of passage, in time and over water. The textures and turns of the island arrive in steady translation, patiently stepped and sounded out.”
                                                                                                                              —C.S. Mills, author of Drift Gestures


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