The Mountain

An Anthology of Poetry and Microfiction

in Celebration of Mountains



What are they?

Many things to many people:

Obstacles; challenges; places of retreat and refuge, sacred spaces; forests and fields for hunting and gathering; places to meditate, pray or seek vision, places to live, places to take vacation; recreation zones for backpacking, camping, snowboarding, skiing, trailrunning or riding . . . there are those who say Mountains are entities, that they have specific spirits, some revere them as dieties, gods and godesses.

What are they to you? 

Share with us your poems or microfiction about experiences or feelings or sentiments about the mountin or mountains in your life and their importance to you

Submit original, previously unpublished works or works whose rights are still retained or have been returned to the author. With previously published works, please make note of previous publishing details. 

Submit up to 3 pieces for consideration for this anthology currently going under the working title of The Mountain: these can be poems / prose poems / or micro-fiction in any combination.

Please use the words MOUNTAIN SUBMISSION in he memo or title field of your email to: Include a few brief lines of greeting or details and a short author bio line or paragraph. Please list up to three publishing credits if you like, we are more interested in you, where you live and your lifestyle than we are in lists of publishing credits.

We have set no closing date for this call for submissions at present but will eventually reach a point when we will. We hope to publish this work at some point, but are still as of 2020 collecting submissions slowly for its eventual publication.