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Way to Blue Mountain

Ecology of Creativity

by Christine Morro

Paperback, 5x8, 88pp

ISBN: 978-1-957483-10-8

Way to Blue Mountain: Ecology of Creativity contains eight meditative offerings — poems that hold a lot of space for breath.  Each poem or stanza, or indeed, any single line may be taken as a singular node to contemplate, sit with and inspire. This is a book that calls the reader to engagement in a slow meditative manner.  Let this slender offering accompany you as a guiding prompt on wanderings in the outdoors.

                    Praise for Way To Blue Mountain


From the enigmatic bonds between mind and earth to the familiar senses of the outdoors, Christine Morro’s Way to Blue Mountain: Ecology of Creativity takes readers on a journey with its short, meditative lines. Here, in the quiet spaces where poems breathe gently on the page, Morro offers guidance toward connection with the natural world. “Begin here,” she kindly directs, before delving into sweeping endeavors of contemplation—“It takes yielding to the taste of a single / sun-ripened berry … It takes dreaming in the path between / Venus and crescent moon”—her poems forming a litany that ebbs and flows as it blurs biospheric observations with the act of creation through written word. Because thoughtful experience is tantamount to the journey Morro presents in this heartening and inspiring book, the space given to her poems on each page slows time as we “step to the edge” of a deeper understanding.


                       —Dane Hamann, author of A Thistle Stuck in the Throat of the Sun and Parsing the Echoes

Anyone with an appreciation for nature will enjoy the climb in Christine Morro’s new poetry collection, Way to Blue Mountain. Although Morro uses a good bit of white space in this book, the mind quickly adapts to her form. And, with such beautiful lines as, “...syntax following the pattern of ferns,” and “...shiver of uncertainty,” a reader can’t help but be drawn up the mountain!

            —Samantha Terrell, author of Vision, and Other Things We Hide From (Potter's Grove Press)


Christine Morro's poetry has appeared in Reliquiae (Corbel Stone Press), her prose and photography have appeared in Minding Nature, Autumn 2019 (Center for Humans and Nature), Landlines published by Leeds University UK, The Pilgrim, Summer 2021, Flyway Journal 2022. Her debut collection In Beauty We Are Made Visible was published in 2022 by Middle Creek Publishing & Audio, from which She Who Sees the World—Isle of Eigg is also forthcoming in 2023.

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