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Way to Blue Mountain

by Christine Morro

Coming in 2023

Way to Blue Mountain: Ecology of Creativity Honoring Wildness  contains eight meditative offerings, poems that hold a lot of space for breath, contemplation and digestion. Each poem or stanza, or indeed, any single line my be taken as a singular node to contemplate, sit with, enjoy or inspire. This is a book that can be engaged with in a slow, devotional or meditative manner, and pairs well with forays and wanderings in the outdoors.

Christine Morro writes poetry and creates art informed by the anima of the natural world, inspired by the sacred in the ordinary, the flight of shorebirds and the just after. Enlarged by encounters with the more than human world she seeks to enter this opening through a weaving back into our eco mythological story — to live the question ‘how to belong to earth’. Her writing is an offering to readers in the form of prayers, poems, incantations. A reminder to keep pace with the earth, to be entrusted to her longing and to navigate uncertainty with attention and presence.

Christine Morro's poetry has appeared in Reliquiae (Corbel Stone Press), her prose and photography have appeared in Minding Nature, Autumn 2019 (Center for Humans and Nature), Landlines published by Leeds University UK, The Pilgrim, Summer 2021, Flyway Journal 2022. Her debut collection In Beauty We Are Made Visible was published in 2022 by Middle Creek Publishing & Audio, from which She Who Sees the World—Isle of Eigg is also forthcoming in 2023.

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