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Wild Be

by One Leaf

Paperback, 93 pp.

ISBN-13:  978-0-9974200-4-3
ISBN-10:  0997420049


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One Leaf 's works embody the forms, energies and spirits of nature. As a physical artist, some of his most notable works have been his remarkable dream catchers which have used natural forms of limbs and roots and made use of found objects and found beauty. He is also a craftsman who has not only built his own home and built beautiful homes for others, but continues to build them.  


Wild Be, his first collection of poetry,showcases his skill and craftsmanship hand-in-hand with his eye for beauty and dreams, for form and fierce feeling. His poems are small homes for moments which are larger on the inside than they appear on the outside. These are moment of deep spirit and connection to the Earth and to all of Humanity. These are poems of praise and prayers of gratitude; poems of a great and ancient love.

One Leaf is an artist, a professional straw-bale and green builder, a craftsman, a multi-business owner, and a poet.


He lives at the elevation of 9,200 feet in a 100% off-the-grid, straw-bale home he built in the forest near the small mountain town and anarchic community of Ward, CO.


This is his first collection of poetry, but certainly isn’t his last.

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"Poet One Leaf maybe able to recall the names E.E Cummings and Emily Dickinson from his days as a CU Boulder English major but his inspirations are more Bob Dylan and John Guthrie. This poets' core muse is the spiritual power of raw nature. A working man's crafting of poetry makes Leaf more Bruce Springsteen to this written art form. Writing poetry in his truck between construction job sites, posting new poems and photographs on Instagram, Leaf blends craftsmanship with an old wisdom and desire to spread the joy of physical world around us. The mountains are our ocean he tells the audience during his Innisfree Bookstore poetry reading event. Backcountry skiing in the mountains is both a dangerous and soulful experience for this poet and source for his soul account where he deposits his experiences of life. Leaf talks of community, family, friends inviting his listeners, strangers before now, to join with his words and share the abundance of being in these precious moments. Stylishly dressed in a crisp patterned shirt and tooled leather belt, jeans and boots, Leaf always wears reused, recycled clothing shared from lives past he forces an aliveness into his attire that radiates an energy of strength. As Leaf hits his heart with his open palm in the rhythm of a beating drum his large strong calloused hands embody the beauty of the blue collar man with the esthete. His new book of poetry, Wild Be feels like a conversation with a wise friend about lessons learned, paths trod and wonders beheld just by pausing for a few moments. To see, feel and know the elements of all nature's order and chaos allows the audience or reader to be revered and humbled. The grit and burning of Leaf's earth heart exists as both butterfly and man by way of poetry and a life learnt. Wild Be is a book to be appreciated, given and lived."

~Trudi Butler Howley

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