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About Middle Creek Publishing & Audio

Founded by environmental educator,and  literary activist David Anthony Martin (who serves presently as both CEO and Editor), Middle Creek Publishing is dedicated to illuminating Human Ecology through literature, with a focus on novels, ecopoetry, and information and stories delivered in diverse genres and styles. Our platform is a haven for artists who share a profound connection with nature – those who immerse themselves in its beauty, contemplate its mysteries, and draw inspiration from its wonders.

Our Vision

" . . . in Wildness is the preservation of the world." - Henry David Thoreau

As a small, independent press, our vision is to nurture a grassroots network of like-minded writers and readers, much like the intricate mycelial threads that weave through the forest floor. We are committed to amplifying the voice of nature for those who cherish it and those who seek its solace.

Exploring Ecological Literature

Middle Creek Publishing embraces a rich tapestry of ecological literature that uncovers the deep-rooted connections between nature and humanity. We are captivated by place-based narratives that traverse rural landscapes, embrace the wilderness, and celebrate the beauty of deserts, forests, mountains, and waterways. Our love extends to the open seas and the hidden pockets of nature within urban jungles.

Embracing Diversity

We welcome a diverse range of perspectives, from seasoned academics to self-taught visionaries. In the spirit of Walt Whitman, who celebrated the multitude within himself, we honor a space where contradictions coexist, and complexity thrives.

Our Contribution

Our online presence is an extension of our cultural evolution, a realm where language and community converge. We are aligned with Gary Snyder's wisdom, striving to make the world as authentic as it truly is and to understand our place within it.

Join the Journey

At Middle Creek Publishing & Audio, we are driven by curiosity, a love for nature, and an unwavering belief in the power of storytelling. We invite you to join us on this literary journey – whether you're a birder, a hiker, a philosopher, or a dreamer. Let's explore the interconnectedness of all things and celebrate the diverse voices that resonate with the heartbeat of the Earth.

Welcome to Middle Creek Publishing & Audio,
where words become bridges between souls and the world around us.

Connect, Engage, and Join the Conversation

Thank you for being a part of Middle Creek Publishing & Audio's journey to deepen the bond between humanity and nature through literature. We invite you to connect with us, engage in meaningful conversations, and explore more of what we have to offer:

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Discover thought-provoking insights and reflections from our Founder and Editor, David Anthony Martin, on his Medium blog. Dive into the intersections of nature, humanity, and literature at:

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Tune in to our immersive audio podcast on Swell. Join the conversation with us and our authors as we explore the creative process, publishing insights, and the deeper themes behind our literary works. Download the free Swell app to listen, respond with audio, and engage in meaningful dialogue:

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Your voice matters, and we look forward to connecting with you through these platforms. Let's continue to celebrate the beauty of nature, share stories, and inspire positive change together.

Thank you for your support and for being a part of Middle Creek Publishing & Audio.

Warm regards,

David Anthony Martin
CEO / Founding Editor
Middle Creek Publishing & Audio

At Middle Creek Publishing & Audio, we believe that the disconnection between humanity and nature contributes to the challenges we face in today's world. Here in what we see as the Anthropocene, a time marked by significant human influence on the planet, Middle Creek Publishing recognizes the vital connection between nature and humanity. Middle Creek Publishing envisions a world in which care for the places we inhabit, the people we encounter.

Our mission is clear: to forge deeper connections between people and deeper connections to the world they share and inhabit, fostering unity, healing, and a rekindled passion for nature (the real) and for the built environments (any aspects of society & culture, philosophy, ideologies, etc) through the literary arts.


David Anthony Martin

CEO / Founding Editor

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