Halcyon, the 14 days of winter encompassing the Winter Solstice. The the first 7 days prior to the Winter Solstice is associated with the metaphors of nest-building ... the 7 days after with the metaphors of laying and hatching of eggs. The halcyon is also known as the kingfisher. The kingfisher is associated in Greek myth with the Winter Solstice. She mourns her dead mate, carries him on her back, builds a nest, lays and hatches eggs, a metaphor of the creative process if ever there was one. You've woven your life into words, and it is time for them to hatch. 

    Deadline:   CLOSED


2018     Lynne Goldsmith for Secondary Cicatrices

2019     Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer for hush

2020     Laura Grace Weldon for Portals

We are looking for quality poetry, literature of human ecology, eco-poetry, nature-poetry, spiritual rather than religious, works based in our humanity, conscious, mindful, deep. We look for works which show connection between people and nature, people and people, people and their stories, dreams, and sacred moments, whether wild or domestic.

Halcyon Poetry Prize winners whose manuscripts are accepted for publication will have the opportunity to enter into a publishing contract making them eligible for 5 free initial author copies of the work, generous percentage of royalties on future retail sales and highly discounted author copies.


Due to delays in reading of an onslaught of Open Submission manuscripts, several of these will be eligible for consideration as entries for this contest by authors who meet the criteria and who wish to do so. If you have not been contacted or informed about this possibility for your manuscript, please email us at editor@middlecreekpublishing.com

All submissions must be received before midnight, Dec 21, 2021




Manuscripts must meet the following minimum requirements:

No limitations on length or style.


Original works (including title pages, table of contents, author bio or acknowledgment pages). Please acknowledge any previous publication of individual stories or pieces or any source material quoted.


No artwork aside from drawings or maps or charts that can be rendered either in b&w or a few simple colors. Our financial ability to print and reproduce color photographs or detailed artwork in a cost effective marketing ability does not match our quality standards at this point, although we would love to expand into lovely quality photo books one day. Baby steps.


Artwork for covers etc will be discussed later and we will always consider your art or work with an artist whose work you feel compliments your writing. We also love creating our own covers and will retain the right to steer the quality and content in a way we feel is best for the publication. 


Electronic submissions only please. Submitted via submission form to the right. Use a file name that begins with "HALCYON SUB: (title of your work)"


In English, to include translated works, bilingual or multilingual script.


In a simple, common font, with a preference for Times New Roman, Helvetica, Arial, Tahoma or Verdana set at either 12 or 14 pt.


A $20 reading fee must be included with each submission and received by contest deadline. Reading fees and submissions received after midnight, December 21, 2021 will be disqualified, declined and/or returned.


WITH PRIOR WRITTEN CONSENT: Manuscripts may be submitted via email to Editor@middlecreekpublishing.com, with a subject title starting with the words "HALCYON SUBMISSION" and as an attached Word or MS Word filePayment of the Reading Fee may be made through PayPal (using editor@middlecreekpublishing.com and "Reading Fee" as a heading)


A check or money order may also be made out to Middle Creek Publishing & Audio and mailed to 9167 Mountain Park Road, Beulah CO. 81023. Please write READING FEE in the memo line/box. Check or money order must be received before manuscript will be considered and must arrive by end of contest submission deadline (although we will most likely generously grant a three day mailing grace-period at our discretion.) Any Payment, Check or Money Orders received after the contest deadline will be subject to refusal and returned.


Due to technical difficulties, if this manuscript submission form does not work, please submit payment via Paypal using: editor@middlecreekpublishing.com as the account address and email manuscripts to the same address via email.