Being a small, independent press, Middle Creek only accepts submissions during its Reading Periods. Any submissions recieved outside this window will not be read, but deleted without prejudice from our inbox unless specially requested work. We look forward to reading your work and expanding our world through your eyes & experience.

Current Calls For Submissions:

Fledge Chapbook Award:  CLOSED

Osprey  Fiction Award:   CLOSED

Halcyon Poetry Award:  Closed

The Mountain:   An anthology:  OPEN

(Poetry & microfiction in celebration of mountains.)


Please send submissions in a Word or MS Word file included as an attachment in an email. Please use a simple font (such as Times New Roman in a 12 to 14 pt in size.) Title/Memo line of all submission emails should start with the word SUBMISSION followed by any further detail keywords such as OSPREY or FLEDGE or MOUNTAIN. Submissions should be accompanied by any associated Reading Fee. If there are any issues with the submission windows, please contact the editor at for quick resolution.


We would request that all other correspondence be sent in a like manner using words such as QUERY:, QUESTIONS:, etc. in order to help us steward our time and organize the work at hand. One day we hope to utilize Submittable in this process, but we need a few more feathers.

In an age when paper is trees:

Middle Creek only accepts electronic submissions. We feel enough trees will be used in the production of any physical title and that until the point something worthy is being actually created, it doesn't warrant the death of a tree.


We know that one day, paper will come from a more appropriate and renewable resource than the many splendored life of a tree. We also understand that the energy used in the creation of electronic manifestations, now globally hinging on dirty sources like coal or invasive sources such as dams, is moving closer to it's potential of being clean and harmonious with all life and will one day honor the clean efficiency modelled us by our trees. 


We respect and honor your participation and partnership in this effort, by whatever means this knowledge manifests in your life choices, behavior and relationship to each other and the whole of our world.