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David Anthony Martin

ISBN-10: 1499380542
ISBN-13: 978-1499380545


Paperback, 156 pp.


     “ David Anthony Martin is a nature poet the way Frank O’Hara was a city poet. He has paid attention, assimilated the beauty and mystery of his surroundings, and let it color his poetry in delicate ways. He says, “everything will be alright just shut up and listen.” He draws from dreams and folktale and myth. He contemplates streams and trees and bears. And he does it in language that is beguiling, sly and as lovely as a September peach. These are poems to carry in your metaphorical pocket like small runic stones, with lines that you will want to contemplate again and again. Like this brief poem called stream of consciousness: "The moon is not in the quick silver stream / the moon is in the still, void-dark lake." Span is delicious reading.


                                         ~Corey Mesler, author of Before the Great Troubling, Notes Toward the
                                            Story and Other Stories
, The Sky Needs More Work
and Following    
                                            Richard Brautigan




     “ Thoreau, Cid Corman, Lorine Niedecker, Whalen & Snyder, Sam Hamill and now David Martin, a wilderness walker returning as the missing lynx in the lineage of nature based poetry heartbeating it’s way into our gorges & forests – it has the aroma of wild mushrooms & the flow of a raging springmelt. The poems span the distance between old friends. ‘Less like a voice / more like a knowing' ”


                                          ~ Mike Parker, author of Don’t Fall Off The MountainWallflower Sutra
                                             and Walking On Water In A Razorblade Breeze




          " David Anthony Martin is a voice of the spirit, a voice of the land. His poems are earth songs. The journeys are magnificent. "


                                         Tony Moffeit, winner of the prestigious Jack Kerouac Award and the

                                             Thomas Hornsby Ferril Poetry Prize. Author of Pueblo Blues (Cherry
                                              Valley), Luminous Animal (Cherry Valley), Neon Peppers (Cherry            
                                              Valley), Poetry is Dangerous, the Poet is an Outlaw (Floating Island Press,
and Tony Moffeit: Greatest Hits (Pudding House,2004).




      "Span is a selection of poems written by David A. Martin, reflecting a unique undercurrent in the reawakening of environmental consciousness in the American west.”     


                                             ~Rhizome Publishing

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