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Now What

Every sister

and brother, it is now high

time to be the light.


Give your children love

for breakfast, tell them their sweet

hearts are mighty swords.


Only the softest

will cut through the hatred, and

the sun, it will rise.

Be the Love


When the dust gathers,

sweep the floor,

when the soil dries,

water the plants,

when mouths are hungry,

bake the bread,

when fear rises up,

tuck in the children,

when you need to be heard,


when you need to know,

ask the question,

when it gets dirty,

wash the dishes,

when it gets dark,

throw back the curtains,

when nighttime falls,

greet the day,

if you cannot comprehend,

speak only the truth,

if the door closes,

open your palms,

if you lose your way,

walk the path,

if it is love you seek,

be the love.

Often, while wandering trails by myself I experience a comforting sense of . . . presence. A wild, powerful presence, which is also  benevolent and welcoming. My body and soul are put at ease in these moments and I am filled with a sense of well-being, serenity and joy, a sense that I belong here in this presence, in this moment, and that I am connected: not alone, but all one; not by myself, but by my Self.

Erika Moss Gordon's poetry so often illuminates this intersection of love and landscape and the connection which blossoms suddenly between people. There is a serene and settled wisdom permeating her work. Reading her work lends the same sense of loving interconnectedness one gets wandering trails alone.

~ David A. Martin

by Eirka Moss Gordon
paperback, 62pp

ISBN 9781523275847

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